Logitech G920

Logitech G920 driving reviews Could Be Sim Racers’ Best Steering Wheel in 2021 You can use a regular controller or a steering wheel to play your sim racing games, but for devoted players, the Logitech G 920 steering wheel could be the best gaming peripheral. It uses premium materials on its body and it offers some advanced features that make every driving game a thrilling one.

To find out how the Logitech Driving Force G920 steering wheel could be your best this year, let’s look deeper into all the steering wheel’s details and reveal its strongest features.

Logitech G920


Logitech G920


When you buy this Logitech Driving Force steering wheel, you will get two separate hardware units in the box: the steering wheel and a three-pedal floor unit. You can get a Logitech shifter in a separate box. The remaining components included in the box are cables and documents that are necessary to help you set the steering wheel up.


All of the three main units are joined and then connected to your PC using cable connections. The steering wheel is the only unit that connects to your PC through the USB port. The remaining two peripherals connect to the steering wheel using a special cable. The shifter uses a female 9-pin DB9 connector to the wheel whereas the floor pedal unit connects to the wheel using a male 9-pin DB9 connector.

If you’d like to connect either the pedal or the shifter directly to your PC, you need to use a special adapter. The Logitech Driving Force shifter USB adapter, which is available through a separate purchase, converts the DB9 port into a USB port. You can read the Logitech Driving Force shifter review to find the best Logitech Driving Force shifter adapter.

Supported Platforms

The G920 steering wheel works excellently on PC and Xbox platforms. The face buttons on the steering wheel indicate that it is the Logitech G Driving Force steering wheel for Xbox consoles, making it automatically compatible with PC as well.

You cannot use this Logitech Driving Force wheel on a PlayStation console, be it PS4 or PS5. If you need one for PlayStation consoles, get Logitech Driving Force G29, which is compatible with both PlayStation consoles and PC. G29 is also more advanced than G920 because the former has RPM lights and an adjustment button, among other features, that G920 doesn’t have.

It is important to mention, though, that G29 neither is a Logitech Driving Force for PS2 nor has Logitech Driving Force PS3 compatibility. If you are looking for a Logitech Driving Force PS2 or another all-around steering wheel that works on both new and older PlayStation platforms, the Logitech Driving Force GT PC should be a perfect choice.

It works on PC, it is also a Logitech Driving Force GT PS3 and PS2 compatible, and it works excellently as Logitech Driving Force GT on PS4 and PS5. Simply get the right Logitech Driving Force GT power supply and install the right Logitech Driving Force GT drivers and it will work like a charm on your PC. When you want to use it with a PlayStation console, the Logitech Driving Force GT PS4 doesn’t require a driver and works instantly after you connect it to the console.

Will the Logitech Driving Force GT Windows 10 work on Xbox consoles? Sadly, there is no Logitech Driving Force GT Xbox One available. The “GT” in the steering wheel’s name refers to Gran Turismo, a PlayStation exclusive.

Other models that work excellently on PlayStation consoles are Logitech Driving Force EX and Logitech Driving Force Pro PS2. The Pro steering wheel is an old peripheral that works excellently on older consoles. You may need to update your Logitech Driving Force Pro drivers if you want to give Logitech Driving Force Pro PC compatibility, especially on modern machines. You can also give Logitech Driving Force Pro PS4 compatibility by using a Cross Hair converter.

If you want to stick with the G920 steering wheel, you can ensure its universal compatibility by using an adapter called DriveHub. With this universal converter, you can use your steering wheel, along with its force-feedback feature, on virtually all platforms.

Logitech Games driving G920 versus Other Steering Wheels

The easiest way to determine whether G920 could be your best steering wheel in 2021 is by comparing it with other steering wheels. We have some competitors here.

The first competitor should be Thrustmaster TMX. When looking into THRUSTMASTER TMX Force Feedback Racing vs G920 comparison, you can finally figure out that the leather-wrapped G920 is better in terms of look, style, and durability whereas the plastic Thrustmaster TMX is better in terms of pedal precision (4096 vs 256). G920’s dual-motor force feedback system also feels more powerful than TMX’s belt-pulley system.

Another Thrustmaster steering wheel you can compare with G920 is the T300RS. In the Thrustmaster T300RS vs G920 comparison, you can find that the verdict is very much similar to the TMX vs G920 comparison. Both offer a rather decent steering experience and their real difference is in the platform that they use: T300RS for PlayStation and G920 for Xbox.

Lastly, you should also look into the PXN V9 Gaming Steering Wheels vs G920 comparison. The PXN V9 is especially desirable due to its universal compatibility. You can use it with a PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and even Nintendo Switch. On the negative side, PXN V9 feels more like a beginner steering wheel, especially if compared with G920, which feels quite solid and realistic.


The three main units, namely the steering wheel, the shifter, and the pedal, support modifications, which either require the purchase of mod components or require invasive treatment with no extra component needed. When you do, for instance, Logitech Driving Force shifter mod that requires invasive jobs, such as unscrewing the body, you should do it with caution because doing so may evoke warranty voidance. However, if you don’t worry about that, you can truly make the units feel more realistic with mods.


G920 could be your best steering wheel in 2021; however, it does have a lot of competitors on the market. Therefore, you need to do research and compare different models to finally decide whether the Logitech G920 Shifter wheel is the one that you should buy.